Overlay Configuration API

The overlay configuration API is the set of query parameters which can be provided as part of your overlay URL to customize its behavior. Every query parameter is optional.

Overlay Configuration Options
Parameter Format Default Notes
DEMO true, false, or static false

Displays plausible but randomly generated messages instead of a live feed.

  • When true, new messages are added periodically.
  • When static, all messages are shown immediately and no messages are added.
clearMessageAfter Any positive integer Removes messages from the overlay after the specified time (in milliseconds) has elapsed
disableAnimatedEmotes true or false false Displays static versions of animated emotes
hideMessagesFrom A comma-separated list of case-insensitive usernames Does not display messages if sent by any users in the provided list
showCommands true, false, or a comma-separated list of commands to show false Displays chat commands (such as !commands) as though they were regular chat messages
showLatestMessages Any positive integer 100 Removes old messages once you reach the provided threshold (useful for performance)
theme String default Determines which stylesheet to load. Either the name (filename without the .css extension) of a theme stylesheet in this project, or a valid URI of a CSS stylesheet.